Jenny Reeves designs jewelry with three things in mind - artistry, craftsmanship, and wearability.  Her signature line fuses ancient techniques with modern designs, resulting in richly textured pieces balanced by clean lines and classical proportions.


A Philadelphia native, Jenny had many jobs - lifeguard, accountant, muralist, bartender - before discovering a passion for metalsmithing.  San Francisco’s ornate architecture and wild natural beauty reflect the same contrasts and harmonies visible in her work - it’s organic yet refined, chaotic yet intentional.

The concept of harmony goes back to Pythagoras, who according to legend discovered it while listening to the sound of hammering coming from different anvils in a smith’s shop.  The proportional harmonies present in nature, geometry, and music resonate with all of us and are the ultimate inspiration for Jenny’s work.

Whether a bold statement piece or a contemporary classic, each is crafted to highlight the balance of opposites and interplay of surface, line, and form.  The result is unique jewelry with exceptional wearability.  

Jenny is a graduate of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts where she teaches several classes.  She is a member of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group, the Bay Area Metal Arts Guild and the Argentium Guild, and supports Made by Survivors (www.madebysurvivors.com) an NGO that rescues, educates, and employs survivors of human trafficking and slavery.

2013  Niche Awards finalist
2012  Top 5 finalist, Halstead Grant Competition
2012  Mort Abelson Award finalist for New Designer of the Year
2012  Runner-up, American Jewelry Design Council’s New Talent Competition