Custom inquiries are welcome.  Please read the info below & and drop me a line at when you're ready to discuss.


  • I can do simple customizations on most items.  This includes lengthening/shortening chains, using a different stone (s,) changing an finish from oxidized to bright etc..  Contact me with your request and I’ll let you know if there is a price difference and how to order. 
  • Most pieces can be produced in solid 14K or 18K gold, 950 palladium or platinum.  Please contact me for options and pricing.
  • I can also design an original piece to your specifications.  Please see below for more on the custom design process.
  • Custom orders are final sale and may not be returned or exchanged.
  • Most custom orders will ship within 4-6 weeks of deposit, depending on complexity of the piece.  Lead times may be longer during busy seasons (spring and holiday;)  if you need it sooner, rush order charges may apply. I’ll provide you with current ETD when you order.


How does the custom design process work?

Step one:  Consultation

  • I offer a free one hour consultation to begin the design process.  This can be in person or via Skype, FaceTime, phone or email.   When you contact me please send as much info as you can about your project - desired metal/stones, ring size if you have it - so that I may best prepare for our consultation.

Step two:  Design

  • If the design is finalized during our initial consultation we’ll move on to step three, pricing. 
  • If not, design work begins based on the info gathered.  Design variations may be sketched or Photoshopped and I’m happy to source stones for you project. 
  • I charge a design fee of $50 - $100 (depending on project) to begin this phase, credited to the final price of your piece if you decide to order.

Step three:  Pricing

  • Once all details of the design are confirmed I’ll send a price quote(s.) 
  • I can send pricing for basic/stone metal variations (e.g. 14K and 18K gold, white v. champagne diamonds) but cannot send “ballpark” pricing until the design is finalized. 
  • Pricing is based on labor and materials (= spot market metal rates) so it can fluctuate a lot with small variations in stone size/color, band width/thickness and ring size.

Step four:  Approval and deposit

  • Once all details are confirmed and pricing is approved a 50% deposit is required for work to begin.   
  • I’ll create a custom order agreement detailing all project specs as discussed, and the signed agreement will be returned at the time of deposit. 
  • Work begins once the deposit is received and I’ll let you know as soon as your piece is ready!


Custom FAQs:

Q:  I have some old jewelry and stones I’d like to use.  Can you do that?

  • A:  Generally, yes. 
  • Metal:  In some cases your jewelry may be melted down and used directly in your piece, in others it may need to be refined and the credit applied to your order.   Examples that require refining are mixed-metal jewelry, jewelry of unknown alloy, gold-filled/plated or enameled jewelry; items like solid gold bands can usually be melted down and used directly.   
  • Stones:  Loose gemstones may be used in your design as long as they’re durable enough for the wear the piece will receive.   Harder stones like diamonds and sapphires may be removed from existing jewelry and used in your new piece, softer stones like opal and turquoise may not survive the journey.


Q:  My wedding is in two weeks!  Can my ring be ready by then?

  • A:  I do my best to accommodate rush orders whenever possible, rush order charges may apply.  
  • If your piece requires casting, engraving or is made from a non-stock material short lead times may not be possible; in this case I’m happy to offer a silver “place-holder” band for your ceremony to be exchanged for the real thing when it’s ready!


Q:  I want my proposal to be a surprise but don’t know what ring size to order - help!

  • A:   Let’s talk!  Based on info you provide we can often determine a good starting size, and depending on your design I can tell you if it’s easier to size up or down. 
  • If a design is difficult to resize or your partner would like to be involved in the process I may suggest proposing with a “place-holder” ring until details can be determined.  One client proposed with a place-holder ring and plane tickets to San Francisco to design their rings together in person!


Q:  I like this Tiffany’s ring, can you make one like it?

  • A:  No.  I will not copy other artist’s work.  Most of my custom work is based on variations or combinations of my existing designs so it all has my “flavor.” 
  • I’m happy to incorporate design elements as inspiration- e.g. a cathedral style ring with a four-prong setting- but will not replicate any elements that are the signature marks of another artist.


Q:  Is there a minimum for custom orders?

A:  Yes, the starting price for custom work is $500.