Jewelry story

The unique textures in Jenny’s jewelry are created by the ancient process of fusing, or joining metal using only heat.  Layers of sterling silver, 18K gold or 950 palladium are applied to the surface, then then torch fired to fuse them in place.  After multiple firings a rich texture develops, then the textured pieces are layered to mimic geodes, pebbles, tree bark, and other natural surfaces.  Some pieces are further embellished with patterns and details in high-karat gold.  Each surface is designed to capture and reflect light as natural minerals do and each piece is hand signed..


Care & Cleaning

Your jewelry is designed to age gracefully and require little cleaning.  Dirt and oils can be removed with a toothbrush and warm soapy water; silver cleaner & dips may be used on bright-finished silver.  Avoid contact with abrasives and solvents as they may remove patina and avoid contact with chlorine.  It will blacken silver and can erode diamonds, so be sure to remove jewelry before the hot tub or pool!