My story

Hi, I’m Jenny Reeves, founder, designer and head goldsmith here at…  umm, Jenny Reeves.

My whole life I’ve loved playing outside and making stuff.  My grandma taught me to cook and sew when I was little.  She had meticulous attention to detail which she impressed upon me, and also the mouth of a sailor which I may have picked up too.  Thanks Nana!

After moving to San Francisco from Philadelphia I had lots of different jobs - accountant, lifeguard, muralist, bartender - before taking that first metalsmithing class and suddenly..  I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up! 

Fire, hammers, check.  Lots of tiny OCD details.  Sustainable materials.  Yay!

Launching this biz was the culmination of studying classical goldsmithing and years of experimentation and skill building.  Evolving signature textures, learning how to work with them and finding the right balance between earthy and edgy.

Because a lot of us straddle two worlds.  We love technology and modern life but still connect with nature and the past.   There are places where they live side by side, where you can drive 10 minutes out of a city and be in a wild place and barely see another human.  Maybe a bobcat.  And it’s magical!

I make jewelry to reflect those different facets of our nature.  We can be part city mouse, part country mouse, hustle hard and chill hard.  Equally enjoy a week camping in back-country and wine tasting on a veranda, with only a shower between them.  You’ll want the shower.    Everyone else will thank you too.  

Do what you love and defy definition.



I studied classical goldsmithing at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts where I’d taught since 2011 and support Made by Survivors, an NGO that rescues, educates, and employs survivors of human trafficking and slavery.


Member of:

Bay Area Metal Arts Guild

Argentium Guild

2017  Winner, Tahitian Pearl Design Competition

2017  Selectee, MJSA Mystery Box Design Challenge

2014  Art Domain Group’s Arts and Crafts Design Award nominee

2014  Selectee, MJSA Online Design Challenge 

2013  Niche Awards finalist

2012  Top 5 finalist, Halstead Grant Competition

2012  Mort Abelson Award finalist for New Designer of the Year