I was lucky to start a jewelry business when recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds were the norm.  Over the years increased transparency has brought even higher standards of accountability and better, greener business practices. 

Which is great!!   But it's not a perfect world.   Not everything is traceable, not every gem-producing country has infrastructure to support a transparent supply chain and not every piece of metal is recycled.  Here's what I can guarantee:

  • My raw materials are 100% recycled precious metals.  This is the sheet, wire, tubing etc. used for fabrication and castings from my casting partner.  About 90% of my work.
  • I do my best to find recycled versions of components I don't make - chains, clasps, earring backs - but not every component is 100% recycled.
  • I seek out ethically sourced gems beyond "conflict-free."  This includes fair-trade, sustainable mining, worker's rights, women's rights, buying from countries that support transparent mine-to-market supply chains, using lab-created gems and more.  But everything's not traceable.  I do:  
  1. Ask questions & buy from trusted suppliers who know the origin of their material.
  2. Avoid untraceable materials mined or cut in regions known for abuse.
  • Packaging, packing and shipping materials are recyclable and made from recycled materials whenever possible.   
  • Print media (business cards, jewelry care cards) is printed on recycled paper or cotton with vegetable-based inks whenever possible.  
  • I minimize the use toxic chemicals in my studio, using natural and old school products as much as possible.  Nasty things are used sparingly and disposed of properly as hazardous waste.
  • I seek out businesses that are SCS certified to promote sustainable development.

    Check out these sites for more info:  

    Ethical Metalsmiths:
    Diamond Development Initiative: http:/