As a teen who picked up trash at concerts and forced my family to recycle, I was thrilled to start a jewelry business when recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds were the norm.

Great, right?!  But wait, there's more...  Increased transparency has led to even higher standards of accountability and better, greener business practices.  Here's what I do to promote social and environmental stewardship:

  • I use 100% recycled precious metals for everything I make, and work with casters who do the same.
  • I seek out suppliers who use recycled metals for things I don't make, like chains and clasps.
  • I use ethically sourced gems beyond "conflict-free."  This big umbrella covers fair-trade, sustainable mining, worker's rights, women's rights, buying from countries with infrastructure that supports traceable mine-to-market supply chains, using lab-created gems and more.   
  • I use recyclable and/or compostable gift boxes, packing and shipping materials made from recycled materials.  Maximum post-consumer content always wins.
  • Everything printed is on recycled paper or cotton, with vegetable-based inks whenever possible.  
  • I minimize toxic chemicals in my studio by using natural and old school products as much as possible.  Nasties are used sparingly and disposed of properly through hazardous waste disposal.
  • I seek out businesses that are SCS certified to promote sustainable development.

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